Honesty the best policy with life insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important investments you can make to protect your family’s future wellbeing. And like any investment, it needs careful consideration. Taking out too little or too much insurance can be costly. Failing to disclose all relevant information to an insurer could result in a claim being denied – possibly[…]

Three insurance myths exposed

In the unlikely event that you break a leg or, heaven forbid, die prematurely you and your family have got it covered, right? You’ve got life insurance care of your super fund, not to mention that pricey health insurance policy. And if worst comes to worst, there’s always a government pension to fall back on,[…]

The final logoff

Human fascination with immortality stretches back to the time of Greek mythology with history littered by charlatans, oddballs and megalomaniacs either claiming or seeking the secret to eternal life. However, the modern tech-savy generation has discovered, quite by chance, that an immortality of sorts is now freely available via the digital footprint they leave should[…]

Will it your way

We all know how important it is to have a current will, even if we haven’t got around to it yet. But documenting what happens to your assets after you die is just the start of a comprehensive estate plan. Just as important as who gets the house or paintings when you’re gone, is where[…]

Home ownership in the spotlight

Housing affordability continues to be a major concern in Australia and not just for would-be first home buyers. It also affects pre-retirees forced to work longer to repay bigger mortgages and older Australians unable to downsize from large family homes due to a lack of affordable options. The latest 2016 Census revealed a gradual decline[…]