What is your Advice process?

Our process is a robust one and is broken into four distinct components:

Discovery Service

We start with a Discovery meeting and always waive the fee for this meeting. The Discovery service allows you to get a feel for our approach to Financial Advice and for us to get a better understanding of your situation.

By the end of this meeting, we have a very good idea on whether we can add value to you and can provide indicative costs.

We then provide you with a formal Cost Outline that details the fees at each step in the process. The process is designed for you to commit only to the next stage, leaving you in control.

Strategy Service

We utilise our skills, knowledge and research to provide you with Strategic options.

The Strategy service is all about empowering our clients. By seeing and discussing a variety of strategies, our clients develop their own knowledge base and start to better understand their options. This results with well informed decisions.

Recommend and Implement Service

After determining your Strategy, we then undertake extensive product research, provide you with a product recommendation and take this through to implementation.

Ongoing Service

Our ongoing service is designed to provide you with access to your financial adviser and client services staff, regular review meetings (annual or bi-annual) and administration support.

We will also provide you with frequent communication which is engaging and also increases your knowledge.


How do you structure your fees?

Our new clients are provided a Cost Outline that clearly sets out the fees through the advice process. The client is always in control of the process and only need to commit to the next stage. The fees are always expressed as a fixed dollar amount and reflect the amount of work involved.

Our existing clients choose to pay a fee for our Ongoing Service. The fees are always expressed as a fixed dollar amount and reflect the amount of work involved. We do not believe in Asset Based (percentage) fees.

We are paid commissions for Life Insurance product implementation and renewals.


Are you aligned to certain products?

We work under a licensee called Affinia Financial Advisers. Affinia is owned by Australia’s largest Life Insurer TAL. We have access to an open list of Risk approved products. We also have a broad selection of investment and superannuation products.

So when it comes to getting the best for you, our clients, we can choose an option that will suit your unique needs. We believe having access to a wide range of financial product choices is a vital component to high quality advice.


What are your Qualifications?

Tim Henry

  • Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) – Monash University
  • Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning – Kaplan
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance (major Financial Planning) – Kaplan
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds– Kaplan
  • Accredited Adviser with Australian Super


What is your compliance regime?

The Affinia compliance regime aims to be a benchmark in the standard of advice. Affinia’s Advice and Business excellence framework assists Aspire in continually monitoring, measuring and improving the advice we provide our clients.

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